Video Consultations

Book Online Video Consultation with Family Doctor – When unable to go out of doors

you can still get doctors’ advice…

Triggered by the COVID 19 Pandemic, it has been necessary to do some changes in our style of practice whilst maintaining highest level of service.

The necessity of Social Distancing to avoid the spread of Covid 19 has forced us to limit the number of persons at any point in time in the waiting area. Following the Malta Medical Councils’ decision to allow teleconsultations, we are pleased to be one of the first practices to offer such a service. All you need to use is your webcam and services like Skype or Google Hangouts. Both are available for free. You would also need a webcam and audio!

We realise of course that not all consultations are suitable for online consultation and in that case we ask you to visit our office. We will never compromise patient safety or quality of practice.

How to book an online Consultation

Dr Wilfred Galea – Click Here or go to   Dr Corinne Markham – click here or go to
Click Here to book your Online Appointment with Dr Wilfred Galea Click here to book your Online Appointment with Dr Corinne Markham

Click on Consultation. Choose the DATE and TIME of the requested consultation from the available slots. You will be asked for your name, email address and nature of complaint. If we feel the complaint is such that is not suitable for teleconsultation then we will call and discuss with you.

You will receive a link to access google hangouts and consultation will take place. If you are taking or have taken any medications, please have them ready. Please ensure that the room is adequately lit so the quality of the video will be good.

After the consultation you will be sent any relevant prescription or paperwork on your designated email address

Fee for consultation

Once the consultation is finished, you will be sent an invoice for payment – this can be done on line via Paypal using your Paypal account or credit card,  by means of cheque or bank transfer


Please note that this service is limited to regular users of the Family Practice and on whom medical records are held. Family Doctors retain the right to refuse online consultation if it is felt that such method of consultation is not safe.