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Eqology Pure Arctic Oil Gold

The Norwegian brain formula – a superior, full-spectrum omega-3 oil from 100% fresh, traceable and sustainable Arctic wild cod fish with fresh lemon flavour. With added cold-pressed, organic olive oil, Lutein, vitamin A and D to give you the ultimate benefits for brain health as well as your heart and vision.


Eqology Pure Arctic Oil – Omega-3

Premium quality pure omega-3 oil from 100% Arctic wild cod fish, with added cold-pressed organic olive oil and vitamin D3 gives you the ultimate benefits for heart, vision and brain health.


Eqology Vitamin K2 + D3

An anti-age vitamin that promotes healthy bones and blood vessels
Clinical studies show that our bodies need a daily intake of at least 180 micrograms to achieve maximal beneficial effect. K2+D3 therefore contains 200 mcg, and 40 mcg vitamin D3 in each daily dosage 1 capsule.

Who needs vitamin K2?
The research results published over the past decade demonstrate that vitamin K2 is an important contributor to the development of bone substance while growing up, it helps us to have strong bones through a normal life and reduces the risk of becoming osteoporotic. In addition, there is evidence that a regular intake of vitamin K2 helps to keep the blood vessels flexible – which in turn reduces the risk of developing hypertension and cardiovascular or circulatory diseases.