Women’s Health Matters

At the Professional Services Centre we give great importance the provision of comprehensive health care, not only when the person is passing through a difficult period in life such as illness and disease but also we give great importance to health maintenance.

  • We offer regular health checks which include physical examination and carrying screening blood tests.
  • Both family doctors carry out gynaecological examinations and include Cervical smears (PAP smears).
  • We offer advice on any vaccinations that may be required and offer all vaccinations available locally.

Should the need arise, we can offer specialised investigations inhouse, such as ultrasound (including internal ultrasound assessments carried out by our gynaecologists) as well as echocardiography carried out by our cardiologist.

We routinely offer recall service by SMS so you will not have to remember when you are due for your next smear test or blood test.

Sometimes, some women might require advice on sexual or psychosexual matters, contraception, chronic genital problems including infections and other aspects of sexual health. In these circumstances, our GU specialist is specifically trained to offer these services.

We believe your health is your most precious asset and we help you take good care of it.

If you feel that you have not had a well person check for some time, we recommend you contact us or book an appointment today for a well person check. It could be your most important investment!