Compassionate Care for Ageing Well
Geriatrician Service Available
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Request Appointment Dermatology Specialist Service We are excited to announce that dermatology specialist services is now available
from Professional Services Centre
Because even men
need regular checks
We provide a whole range of well person checks
for both men and women at any stage of life
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GU Services...
not only for STIs
Our GU clinic offers Comprehensive, one stop,
discrete, confidential Sexual Health services which deal
with a wide range of sexual health problems
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Because women's health matters Our centre offers, a whole range of services designed to take
care of women's health at each stage of your life
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At the Professional Services Centre you are guaranteed a high level of service delivered by a number of specialists in their respective
Our motto 'A Commitment to Your Wellbeing' sums up our mission statement and indeed we pride ourselves in offering a wide range of services offered by equally committed specialists in their respective field.