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The Full Spectrum Omega-3 Test will help you to check your omega-6/omega-3 ratio, your omega-3 Index, as well as 11 other essential blood fatty acids values.
The blood samples are analysed according to international standards by the independent Vitas AS Laboratory in Oslo, Norway. You can securely access the results of your test on

The test gives information about omega-6 and omega-3 ratio, omega-3 index and 11 more fatty acids values
The test is analysed according to international standards for omega fatty acid testing
The test results are anonymous and available online in 15-20 business days
The test involves a couple of drops of blood using a finger prick sample so it is virtually painless 

When the results are received you can discuss the results with expert nutritional scientist who will be able to advise any dietary modifications or supplements according to the specific results

Cost of the test excluding consultation fees is Eur 82

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