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Positive Parenting Courses Malta

Positive Parenting Malta is committed to ensuring that professionals working in the field are trained with the latest evidence-based skills to be in a better position to support families and society at large. Indeed, in 2021, several professionals from various sectors were trained in various programmes, namely: Step-by-Step Parenting Programme, Parenting Skills Programme, and Parents as Partners Programme.
Book – The incredible years The 3rd edition of this book for parents has been revised to include new and expanded chapters on coaching (academic, persistence, social and emotion coaching), plus new chapters on social media, screen time, and promoting a healthy lifestyle. This is an amazing book that covers research-based parenting strategies for all families. Positive discipline techniques are described in detail illustrated with true-to-life examples to help parents prevent behavior problems and promote their children’s social and emotional competence.
Programme – The incredible years For over 30 years, numerous randomized control group studies have been conducted on the programs by the developer and also by independent researchers in several different countries. These studies can be viewed in our Research Library. *Of note is a recent publication showing a 10-year follow up of families of children with conduct problems who were treated with the parent program. Two-thirds of the children were in the normal range on standardized measures and none were in jail or detention. 23% had engaged in major delinquent acts, 46% reported some drug use, and 18% had some criminal justice involvement. Factors predicting negative outcomes in adolescence (delinquent acts) were immediate post treatment levels of observed mother-child coercion. This suggests continuing treatment until coercion is reduced sufficiently.


Online Health Programme

Mill-Klinika – Useful Health Information / Education Videos

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