Vaccination = Protection

Vaccination has revolutionised medical practice. It has managed to eliminate, or rather almost eliminated a number of very serious diseases…with one proviso. This is only true when and where community vaccination rates are high and maintained. We are indeed lucky to have access to a large number of safe and highly specific and highly effective…

Stop smoking without packing on the kilos

Smoking is a hard habit to kick but when you do, the health benefits are almost immediate. According to the American Lung Association, your heart rate drops to normal levels in 20 minutes, your lung function improves in a couple of weeks and your risk of heart disease drops by half in a year.

When snoring is not ‘Just Snoring’

Many people snore and snoring can be a great inconvenience to the sleeping partner and sometimes all those around. But there are times when snoring is a sign of something more sinister – sleep apnoea.