Podiatry – Mr Disma Gauci

Podology is the branch of medicine concerned with the diagnosis of the disease, injuries and defects of the foot, along with its subsequent medical, surgical, mechanical, physical and adjunctive treatment. It is a crucial cornerstone in holistic care, and deals with diseases which may prove extremely debilitating to the patient in need.

Podologists offer a service to a wide spectrum of patients – from young and athletic patients who suffered foot trauma during exercise or sport, to elderly, debilitated patients who are fighting against a number of chronic diseases which predispose to foot pathology.

Of particular interest is the crucial service which podologists offer to diabetic patients, who usually require sensitive and thorough care of their feet. As a disease which affects both the body’s vasculature and the nervous system, diabetes predisposes to impairments in the nourishment of the feet’s vital tissues, whilst concurrently hindering proper sensation of pain, which would otherwise alert the diabetic patient to avoid inflicting further injury.

This scenario is also particularly relevant with patients suffering from neuropathies, disorders of their nervous system which consequently desensitize their feet and impede the transmission of pain signals from the foot to our higher cortical centres. These patients need to take particular care of their lower limbs and feet, since a minor wound may be exacerbated beyond conservative treatment.

Podologists also offer guidance to those patients who are suffering from discomfort whilst performing their everyday activities. By providing clear and professional advice on how to prevent excess strain on the feet during day-to-day activity, the podologist would be able to prevent more debilitating pain later on. Similarly, podologists may advise the use of in-soles, to further accomodate your shoes to your particular anatomy.

These cohort of services are all available through our dedicated specialist service, all offered within a reliable, professional and confidential environment.

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