Physiotherapy – Mr Robert Camilleri

Physiotherapy is a branch of healthcare dealing with the promotion of functional recovery in illness, injury or disability. As a profession in its own right, physiotherapy aims to restore movement and thus allow a person to re-achieve his full potential.

This is of particular relevance following a traumatic injury, such as a motor vehicle accident or sports injuries. Nevertheless, one should not limit his view of physiotherapy as simply a branch of healthcare which deals with dramatic injuries or simply related to those practicing a particular sport.

Physiotherapy, in its own right, sees to improve the potential of each and every patient requiring functional improvement in his every day life. From an elderly woman who is recovering from a recent chest infection and necessitates advice on how to optimise her lungs’ function, to a pregnant woman who is suffering from subsequent sciatica, physiotherapists work hand-in-hand with the patient and strive to help him reach his goals.

From this regard, physiotherapy guides the patient to his or her own recovery. It empowers him to improve his current physical state through the use of specific exercises, and other therapeutic modalities, including hydrotherapy, infrared and ultrasound treatment and also by making use of electric stimulation techniques.

In the end, physiotherapists provide a tailored management approach, suited specifically to your own particular needs. No one treatment is suitable for each and every condition, and many a time, physiotherapists seek to adapt their advice to your own particular condition and your specific lifestyle.

At The Professional Services Centre, we strive to provide you with a professional environment whereby our physiotherapists may diagnose and effectively help you manage your physical impediment.

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