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Counselling – Ms Moira Sammut

Counselling offers people a confidential and non-judgmental space where they can explore their concerns and discuss their feelings and issues. Counselling also helps clients acquire a greater understanding of themselves and supports them in learning effective personal and interpersonal coping strategies.

It involves a professional therapeutic relationship between the client(s) and their counsellor who helps them accomplish their individual goals. The overall aim is to provide an opportunity to work towards living a more satisfying and resourceful life.

Counsellors are not advice-givers. On the other hand, they help their clients explore possibilities while providing them the tools to become more empowered and eventually become their own ‘therapists’. In fact the aim of counselling is not to have clients become dependent on the therapeutic relationship but the opposite. This is why counselling is a journey where the client is in control of where the counselling process leads.

Common subjects that can be addressed within counselling include addictions, bereavement, bullying, abuse, relationships, domestic violence, trauma, mental health issues such as depression and other issues including stress and low self-esteem.

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