Psychiatry is the medical specialty devoted to the study and treatment of mental disorders.

These mental disorders include disturbances with our mood, overall behaviour, as well as our cognition. Similarly, psychiatrists also deal with perceptual disturbances, which include mental disorders which predispose to hallucinations and false beliefs, known as delusions.

Although mental disorders are not always immediately apparent, they cause considerable distress to the sufferer and his or her relatives. Mental disease significantly impacts a person’s quality of life, causing significant detriment in his everyday function and possibly compromising his future potential.

Common psychiatric conditions include depression, anxiety, addiction disorders, personality disorders and, to a lesser degree, schizophrenia and psychosis.

Fortunately, awareness on mental health has greatly increased over the past decade. However, patients suffering from mental disease still suffer great prejudices, and are usually confronted by adverse social situations which worsen their underlying mental condition.

At our centre, we seek to offer optimal psychiatric care.

Psychiatric assessment typically starts with a mental status examination and the compilation of a case history. Your psychiatrist goes through a number of questions in order to analyse your problems and seek to elicit the stressors, or triggers, which are worsening your condition.

Psychological tests and physical examinations may be conducted, including, on occasion, the use of neuroimaging or other neurophysiologic techniques.

Psychiatric treatment applies a variety of treatment modalities, including medication and psychotherapy. These are all offered in the strictest confidentiality, with the aim to guide you through the recovery process.

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