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Dr Wilfred Galea and Dr Corinne Markham are the two family medicine specialists providing service. Both doctors have a long career in family medicine. Both doctors use electronic medical record system to manage their patients. Having more than one doctor practicing in a group ensures the best continuity of service should one of the doctors be unavailable for some reason.

Family medicine is one of the most important specialities in the medical field. Family doctors deal with more than 95% of ailments ad condition in the community. Today, family medicine is a speciality in its own right and family doctors have to do specific training programmes to practice as family doctors. Moreover, family doctors need to follow continuing medical education programmes to maintain their registration as well as college membership.

Family doctors have a number of roles in their practice:

Health Prevention:  Well baby developmental checks, administering of all kinds of vaccinations from babies, adults as well as travel and influenza vaccines.
Pregnancy checks Well person checks including blood pressure, weight and blood tests for normal, healthy individuals. Family doctors also perform other tests such as smear tests and prostate checks.
Disease Management: Family doctors manage a whole range of acute diseases ranging from minor conditions to other more serious conditions. Family doctors are uniquely placed to manage and coordinate the management of chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
Procedures:      Family doctors carry out a number of office procedures such as urine tests, blood sampling, smear tests, wart cautery and freezing, management of skin tags and other warts including warts in the foot, minor surgical procedures such as skin biopsies and removal of cysts, drainage of abscesses, local infiltrations such as for tennis elbow
Community Care:   Organising and management of seasonal influenza vaccinations, travel advice, using each patient contact as an opportunity for patient education as well as serving as a gatekeeper for appropriate referral to specialists in different fields as may be required in the best interest of the patients

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As Family Doctors we give great importance to preventive care. We offer well baby checks and also encourage regular well person checks which include physical examination as well as assessment of vaccination status, blood tests and (in the case of women) cervical smears.

We offer a full range of vaccination for all age groups. In some cases, depending on eligibility, we do not charge a price for the vaccine since we have an agreement with the Health Department to get the actual vaccine free of charge.

Besides childhood vaccination we offer all kinds of locally available vaccines including travel vaccinations.

Should a person wish, we offer a unique, sms based, reminder service which will automatically remind you when you are due for your next routine check or intervention.

Family Medicine can manage more than 90% of illness and conditions presenting in the office setting. Family doctors have broad expertise in the management of acute conditions across all age groups. Having your own personal family doctor makes it more likely that conditions are managed without need for secondary care referral.

At the Professional Services Centre we have a backup of a large number of specialities just in case referral is needed. We also have inhouse investigations available to us including ultrasound scanning, ECG and echocardiography. We also have access to both private and public laboratories that can help us in the diagnosis and management.

Chronic Disease Management is one of the hallmarks of Family Practice.
We monitor and manage a broad range of common clinical illnesses including diabetes, hypertension, rheumatic conditions and much more. Continuity of care is essential in the management of chronic conditions.

We work hand in hand with other specialists in their respective fled should the need arise.

We have direct access to in house diagnostic services such as ultrasound, echocardiograms and ECGs as well as full laboratory backup using both public and private laboratories.

According to the World Organisation of Family Doctors,

Family Doctors are specialist physicians trained in the principles of the discipline.
They are personal doctors, primarily responsible for the provision of comprehensive and continuing care to every individual seeking medical care irrespective of age, sex and illness. They care for individuals in the context of their family, their community, and their culture, always respecting the
autonomy of their patients. They recognise they will also have a professional responsibility to their community. In negotiating management plans with their patients they integrate physical, psychological, social, cultural and existential factors, utilising the knowledge and trust engendered by repeated contacts. General practitioners/family physicians exercise their professional role by promoting health, preventing disease and providing cure, care, or palliation. This is done either directly or through the services of others according to health needs and the resources available within the community they serve, assisting patients where necessary in accessing these services. They must take the responsibility for developing and maintaining their skills, personal balance and values as a basis for effective and safe patient care.

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