Invest in your Health

Health is one of the things that many of us just take for granted. This until one day we are faced with some sort of illness – major or minor and it is then that we appreciate what being ‘normal’ or ‘healthy’ really means.

Fortunately, there is a lot of knowledge around that can help us remain healthy by adopting a healthier lifestyle, detecting problems before they arise and managing problems once they arise.

One of the major problems when one is relatively healthy is that the person falsely believes that in what I call the “it will never happen to me syndrome”. This gives a false sense of reassurance and makes the individual more prone to health problems.

Staying healthy is relatively easy of one adopts the following measures:

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle – this would involve a healthy diet, adequate and regular exercise , aiming at a healthy weight, minimising stress, minimising risk taking and staying safe and taking care of our mental health.

Disease Prevention – one needs to make sure that he/she checks whether the person is ‘up to date’ with vaccine recommendations. Most vaccines available cover diseases which may not be so common but the consequences of which can be disastrous.

Minimisation of Risk Factors – this applies mainly to obesity and overweight, making sure that conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol and other are all normal or under control. Avoidance of tobacco products and risky behaviour such as drugs of abuse is paramount. A regular check-up for healthy individuals is strongly recommended.

Control of Risk Factors – one may be completely without any symptoms and yet have risk factors that may increase the risk of major health problems like heart disease or cancer. Control of risk factors is very important. As an example, one may consider people who are healthy and functioning but have high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes. Many such people wonder why the doctor continues to insist on taking medications (and sometimes increasing the dose of medications) even though they feel absolutely fine. Well, scientific studies have repeatedly shown without reasonable doubt that control of these risk factors decrease the risk of a major event such as a heart attack or stroke. Close monitoring of risk factors is of utmost importance.

Management of chronic diseases – once a person is suffering from a chronic illness, it is very important that the disease is managed correctly to try to minimise the inevitable deterioration. Again, scientific studies consistently show that such a course of action helps the individual stay as healthy as possible and decrease the rate of deterioration.

What’s Next

  • Discuss with your doctor how you can maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Stay up to date with the recommended vaccines
  • Check for any controllable risk factors by organising regular check-ups
  • If any medical condition is detected make sure this is investigated thoroughly, monitored and managed as frequently as necessary
  • If you have a chronic medical illness make sure this is managed correctly by regularly visiting your trusted doctor.
  • Enjoy life, stay active and be happy

At the Professional Services Centre we offer all kind of preventive healthcare services, vaccinations and check-ups. This is done by our family doctors in collaboration with a number of specialists practicing from the centre.

We also offer diagnostic tests like blood tests, cervical smears, ultrasound scanning, body composition analysis, sleep studies, Ambulatory Blood pressure monitoring and hearing tests.

Specialists in their respective field also include nutritionist and a personal trainer who may give advice regarding a healthy lifestyle.

Feel free to contact us to discuss the best way forward so you will stay healthy and enjoy the beauty of life.

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